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Sponsorship for 2020


Includes Web Site

2 Gate Passes

Recognition at your local track.



15 Points Races

Best 13 Finishes

Must Race 13 of 15 to be eligible for awards




Beginner Classes

3 wins in any beginner class will be automatic move up to next class.


Trophy Changes

90CC and Below 1-5 places

All other classes

Number of Riders                              Trophies

1-2                                                   1st. only

3-4                                                   1st. and 2nd.

5-6                                                   1,2,3 places

7-8                                                   1-4 places

9-up                                                 1-5 places


Notarized Letter Requirement:

1. Signing up minor that is not your child.

2. Divorced couple that child is racing and both parents agree to let child race.